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Why do people love to play table tennis? It’s just super fun and with trick shots, you can really push your opponents.  Ping Pong or table tennis is getting very popular again, and with the ability of a folding table, you don’t need a permanent spot. This game is great for all ages and can offer great entertainment for the whole family.

 The Stiga Advantage competition-ready Indoor Table Tennis, irrespective of weather conditions, will bring hours of fun and keep the kids off their phone.


Aside from being a competition-ready table, Stiga Advantage Table Tennis is perfect for your home and office. Let us look at some of the amazing features this preassembled table has.

  • Assembled with a unique chassis design with two table halves of independent caster beams which can be used as a freestanding mini table
  • Stiga Advantage competition-ready Indoor Table Tennis comes with a tournament-grade heavy duty net and tension adjustment for a competition-ready table
  • Is equipped with a safety latch system on the underside of the table to prevent the table from opening unexpectedly
  • Offers exceptional playability and durability with its tournament blue-colored tabletop 
  • Comes with sturdy 1.2-inch welded steel legs to create a solid base structure compounded with rubber leg levelers to protect floors from scratches
  • Easy to transport with its 3-inch black casters with a locking system to keep the table in place all game long
  • Stiga Advantage Table Tennis has 1.2-inch welded steel tube style aprons support that features durable black matte powder coating


  • Best table tennis table at an affordable price
  • Proper board thickness for optimized ball bounce
  • Can be used for a single player because Stiga Advantage competition-ready Indoor Table Tennis is foldable
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Needs only one person to assemble
  • Quality and heavy duty table
  • Professionally designed Ping Pong table
  • Easy storage because it is foldable
  • Very easy to transport from one location to another
  • the moving and locking mechanisms works perfectly 
  • A very attractive and colorful table 


  • Net takes a little extra time to adjust
  • Leveling can be a little difficult because only the legs on the ends are adjustable

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