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Nowadays a popular home hardware device is a WiFi router. This network device permits communication between local area networks and the World Wide Web. It’s a hub to which personal gadgets like laptops, cellphones, and other devices are connected to access the Internet. When a router is used in a home or in areas with small networks, it is called a residential gateway. But most people simply know it as their WiFi . 

Google WiFi System, 3-Pack Router is a new type of network system used for WiFi connection that can cover a large home. It basically removes all dead zones and limits buffering concerns. The Google WiFi System, 3-Pack Router can be a substitute for your current router and is capable of working with modem and Internet service providers. Done right you could have strong WiFi in any room and around the outside of the house with no dead zones or buffering.


Google WiFi System, 3-Pack Router has many features to boast that will benefit your whole family. (The 3 pack has solid performance for the majority of homes)

  • Wide Range Coverage. Google WiFi System, 3-Pack Router can cover up to 4,500 square feet with itsWiFi points. distributed throughout the home  You can easily add more points if you need additional coverage.  Personally we have one by the patio area to give exceptional WiFi by the pool.
  • Fast Connectivity. Google WiFi System, 3-Pack Router contains a Network Assist that keeps your connection fast. You only need to select the clearest channel and fastest band for your gadget.
  • User-friendly Control. Google WiFi System, 3-Pack Router is packed with a user-friendly app that will allow you to stop the WiFi on children’s devices.
  • Expandable Mesh WiFi. The Google WiFi System, 3-Pack Router uses an expandable system for better coverage that instead of using one router, it’s multiple routers join together for fast home Internet.
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports. The WAN and LAN are the primary WiFi points. They both act as LAN ports on additional Wifi points.
  • Wireless Type. It can perform the functions of a router on a wireless access point.


  • The Google WiFi System, 3-Pack Router collects Google WiFi cloud services for an increase in speed and manages the network. The device also provides WiFi usage stats used to track all sites visited. It also uses the Google WiFi app which is great.
  • A guest network can easily be set up from your isolated main home network. You can also opt for making devices on the main network access on the guest network.
  • You can easily replace the traditional wireless routers because of its two Gigabit Ethernet ports.
  • The Google WiFi System, 3-Pack Router does not have issues with its flexibility and tweaking while configuring the Google network.
  • Easy to assemble, install, and set up
  • Contains a vastly improved coverage over Apple Airport Extreme
  • Fast connections throughout the house
  • Easy to assign IP addresses to the connected devices
  • Work with smart devices


  • Sometimes you’ll needs to reset each of the non-primary access points
  • Lack USB Ports

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