Foosball Table

Indoor games are becoming more popular than ever.  We seldom see kids running around playing outside, but having an active game indoors keeps the family having fun and moving. That is why getting involved in playing interactive indoor games can be a great outlet for children and adults alike.

Being socially active and having fun while playing games with others has proved to be very beneficial. Playing inside the comfort of your home with Gymax54” Foosball Table Indoor Soccer Game is a clean and colorful way to spend time with your family and friends. This indoor equipment will definitely keep your children engaged for hours while removing the risks of sitting all day.  Plus this is a staple of all mancaves, nothing like a little competition among friends.

Games like foosball greatly improve hand and eye coordination. Better reaction time and enhanced agility. It also helps hand dexterity and responsiveness to situations.


Gymax54” Foosball Table Indoor Soccer Game has what it takes for the family and friends to enjoy the whole day.

  • High quality indoor game equipment with two foosballs
  • Official competition sized table which measures 54”
  • Well protected surface with luster long compound coating
  • High performance player rod bushings
  • Ensures fair gameplay with its oversized leg with built-in levelers
  • Standard foosball game table with 8 rows within the table to allow 4 rows per team
  • Made from high quality MDF to keep the ball firm and stable
  • Rust-proof strong steel rods accompanied with slide bearings for an even rotation
  • Gymax54” Foosball Table Indoor Soccer Game has bead style scoring system which helps keep track of the game efficiently


  • Playing foosball encourages creativity with fun competition and builds communication
  • Rod bars are built with comfortable grips to control the ball easily
  • Easy ball retrieval at each goal
  • Frictionless surface for comfortable ball sliding
  • Luster  coating protects the foosball table surface for convenience and long lasting beauty
  • Instructions and guidelines are easy to follow
  • Worth the cost
  • Great for a total and complete family bonding
  • Made from sturdy construction
  • Great for parties and other events
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for kids which literally keeps them away from computers and video games’
  • Quick delivery, Overall excellent table to own.


  • Loud kids, but they are having fun 🙂
  • Will need to order extra balls
  • Wife /Girlfriend may take over Mancave

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